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This aspect can only be understood today if one knows the trade winds and that sailing by boat () is the dominant method of long-distance transportation then owing to the lack of roads.

The name was carried and as they say the rest is history.

The Stonehenge’s secret was revealed, said the British archeologists who studied the prehistoric rock-edifice which baffled the world for centuries.

But militarily the northern part was ruled from Manila and the southern part was ruled from Panay.

The southern part was for a short time called the “Partido de Libon”.

According to Survival International, a London-based organization which defends rights of indigenous people worldwide, the discovery of the jungle-dwellers bolstered the need to protect the Amazon from the interferences of developers, loggers, and oil prospectors. Brasiliero, A) Such concern for human beings and history was shown in Naga City, Philippines as well.

An ancient burial urn with a serrated border shed clues to the Ibalon epic, a mythical tale of Bicol’s past which the people hungered to know about. rounded urn cover on which was carved a depiction of the Ibalon story (see top photo,) had been kept in the Museo Conciliar de Nueva Caceres, housed in the old Holy Rosary Minor Seminary building.

by Mighty Baylon It was said that even before the Spaniards came, our region was already called Ibalon by its inhabitants.

I doubt if we were already a united entity during that time owing to the difficulty of transportation and communication and having no ruler higher than a .

Panganiban today) and Paracale (but which was reported to reached the present Naga City).

It was said that most of the inhabitants of the place then were Tagalogs coming from Mauban and trade links were maintained via boats in Lamon Bay.

Later the term “Tierra de Ybalon” was used to refer to the whole peninsula.