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Now available in a laminated, limited-edition version.

The Affirmations for Women deck has 60 cards, each with an uplifting, inspirational message.

There are no images, just text on a coloured background, which allows the affirmation to speak plainly and help you improve your mindset and wellbeing.

The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle is a 40 card inspirational deck, illustrated and channeled by Mel Brown, a Ngunnawal Aboriginal woman and clairvoyant.

It combines aspects of feminine goddess energy with Aboriginal spirituality.

The King's Journey Tarot is based on the fool's journey of spiritual growth as he progresses through the trumps, and draws on alchemy, spirituality and the elements.

There are 94 cards in this deck, including the normal 78 and an extra Spirit suit.

The 78 Tarot Astral is the fourth global tarot collaboration in the '78 Tarot' series, and this one has a space theme.

Each card has been created by one of 78 talented artists, who include Ravynne Phelan, Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Larry Elmore.

A strongly coloured, very pretty recreation of the Rider-Waite tarot scenes.

The Angel Tarot cards are reasonably lifelike and have a slight Disney feel.

A Life Sketches a Tarot is an interesting blend, illustrating the symbolic tradition of the Rider-Waite in a more Thoth-related style.