Start Hill walkers dating

Hill walkers dating

Please note, numbers for lunch are usually limited.

A bit more about me: I really don't like Scrambling & Edges - they are defintely not for me.

My other passions are literature, theatre, art, museums and good food and wine!

As I don't drive meet ups would have to be accessible by public transport or we could share petrol costs?

It is advisable to have your own transport as offers for lifts can not be guaranteed.

The walks take place on weekends and the start time is normally about 10am.

Walks are generally between 4 and 11 miles in length, and in the summer we try to put on shorter evening walks.

We usually go to a pub for drinks after the walk and occasionally organise Sunday lunch.

In July 2017 I did the Cotswold Way Challenge (100k in one go from Bath to Cheltenham for Amnesty International) and made amazing friends.