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Dating concerns

What they don’t expect is that unauthorized third parties will be able to view and even control user experience on the app.

If you think you should break up, you probably should One of the most disturbing trends we saw this year is how many women are staying in relationships with men that are distant, unfaithful or emotionally abusive.

In the case of Tinder, the problem is a clear vulnerability in their protocol: they use HTTP instead of HTTPS encryption. (One cyber security expert estimated an average cost of $28,000 to repair all of the bugs on a website.) Year after year, high-profile data breaches are showing us that companies who are proactive about cyber security are investing in their future. By the time insurance enters the picture, the vulnerabilities have been found and exploited by bad actors. Cyber insurance offers two main protections after a data beach happens: Policies often include limits for defense costs, regulatory investigations, PCI compliance fines and expenses, breach notification costs, PR and crisis management consultation and the costs of maintaining a call center and credit monitoring for affected users.

And these are just the basics in terms of protections available from carriers today.

One flaw in the mobile app’s security gave some creative hackers a point of entry.

Then they were able to view the pictures a user was looking and even track the user’s swipes.

SALT LAKE CITY — It's a simple assignment that's getting a failing grade from parents. I couldn't believe some of the questions and guidelines.

The whole premise of the assignment was ridiculous,” said Jenn Oxborrow, who has an 11th-grade daughter at Highland High School in Salt Lake City.

Bullet point after bullet point, the assignment tells girls how to act on a required five-dollar date with a boy. Oxborrow contacted the district and the State Board of Education took action.