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"We located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied. Read more: What we know about the Las Vegas shooting massacre at the Route 91 Festival Local media reports indicate that Paddock was a middle class man who owned a home worth $350,000 near a golf course in Mesquite.

The suspect is believed to have checked in as a hotel guest before the attack, the Associated Press reported.

He said that Paddock checked into the hotel room on Thursday, three days before the attack, and was using the identification card of another person.

Police said they believe the shooting was a "lone wolf" attack, one not linked to a militant group and not carried out by multiple shooters. The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) claimed the attack on Monday, calling Paddock one of its "soldiers."However, a U. official, unauthorized to speak publicly and speaking on condition of anonymity, told Newsweek, "There is no indication that there is any link whatsoever.

Isla Cozumel, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, measures 53km (33mi) by 14km (9mi) and sits 71km (44mi) south of Cancun. Its waterfront boulevard is Avenida Rafael Melgar; along Melgar south of the main ferry dock (the 'Muelle Fiscal') is a narrow sand beach.

The main plaza, Plaza del Sol, is just opposite the dock.

Authorities say Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old resident of Las Vegas, is the shooter who killed 58 people in the mass shooting at the Route 91 Festival late Sunday night on the historic Vegas Strip — but have not revealed a motive or whether the alleged shooter was following any "belief system."He is from Mesquite, Nevada, which is located around 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, NBC News reported.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was not immediately available for comment and Clark Country Sheriff Joseph Lombardo did not reveal any further details about Paddock.

A cowboy hat lays in the street after shots were fired near a country music festival on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.