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Tanny date chate line toronto

To get in my car you wouldn’t say that but as soon as I get on my bike all of the sudden I’m some kind of warrior.

So [even though] it’s just one event I think it’s a really important one.” Carolyn and John “We were listening to the radio in the car on the way home and heard Janet with an afternoon program talking about the High Park reading that’s going on and we both really like biking so we thought it would be a cool way to spend the day because we both like books and biking.” Yvonne Bambrick - dandyhorse contributor & author of “The Urban Cycling Survival Guide” “I was invited by Janet and Amanda to participate at the High Park stop to do a little reading from my book “The Urban Cycling Survival Guide” and to chat with folks.

It’s a great event and I was here last year too." Bernard Trottier - MP Etobicoke-Lakeshore “Urban planning is a bit of my background.

I’m so glad we have special guests from Charlie’s Free Wheels, they're a wonderful non-profit organization in the city and we support bike-based businesses.” Heather Jackson & Pierre “I love biking and I love books and I’m a writer so that’s why I’m here.” “I run a bicycle delivery service called Greater Goods, we deliver natural products, shampoos, laundry detergent baby products to the city of Toronto.” Jared Kolb - Executive Director Cycle Toronto “Bloor street is a crucial corridor for cycling in the city of Toronto and it’s a natural for the future of our cycling network.

It’s long, it’s uninterrupted, continuous, there’s no danger of streetcar tracks, and it’s a vibrant retail street.

So I really salute what the Reading Line is doing, I think Bloor street is one of the biggest streets in Toronto and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we allow safe, enjoyable cycling from one end of the city to the next.” Congratulations to everyone involved in The Reading Line.

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We have huge changes to make and events like [The Reading Line] call attention to current issues regarding cycling infrastructure.

We can see where the problems are and what needs to be done.

The event began in Etobicoke-Lakeshore and the convoy of cyclists continued all the way to Castle Frank station with a total of eight reading locations, finishing off with a trio of children’s authors and illustrators at Prince Edward Viaduct Parkette.

Here are some photos and interviews with people who took part in the reading line.

I studied in engineering, urban transportation and urban planning and it’s always been something I’ve had a certain passion for.