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In fact, he was the only person I dated after my divorce…

Although for the first time in history it’s not taboo for women to date later in life, some older singles still feel that ship might have passed.

Divorced for three years, Linda has grown accustomed to being the third—or fifth—wheel.

She does this “sit at the bar before meeting other people” thing as a way to get herself, however tentatively, into the dating world.

Interestingly, Montgomery County is also the state’s third highest in another statistic: people over the age of 50 getting married.

If you read the article on dating in your 30s by the Astonishing Megan Mc Daniel (who just happens to be my daughter), then you might be interested to see how dating fares for those with 2 ½ decades more experience. I never have been good at or totally focused on this dating stuff (and that may, indeed, have been genetically or at least philosophically passed on to the next generation. (Not to date me, just to have a shoulder to cry on and to get advice.

Although technology, expectations, and norms about things such as who makes the first move and who pays have changed, as the success story of one audience member proved, it is entirely possible to meet a good man or woman online.

Just be aware that dating later in life can differ significantly from dating in your 20s.

And that’s a shame, says Gibson, because many of us will live to be 90 or 100, and that’s a long time to be lonely.

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