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Dating an america american woman

I just think people should know." In the 1960s and '70s, a group of feminists began agitating not just for equality in healthcare, but for women to be allowed autonomy over their bodies and their medical choices, particularly regarding reproductive health. through the eyes of people with disabilities — including slavery, immigration, and civil rights, areas where the lens of disability has rarely if ever been applied.

"Neither the feminist movement nor the Asian American movement have taken Asian American women’s interests into consideration on their agendas," Shah writes, and 20 years after her book was originally published, her words are still all too relevant.

Solnit is the writer who essentially defined mansplaining, and this collection of essays shows how detrimental it can be to women's well-being and sense of self: "Men explain things to me, and other women, whether or not they know what they're talking about." Solnit's writing is trenchant but also hilarious, and anyone who has fumed at being spoken at — in person, on social media, over email or text — will find lots here to relate to, and get angry about.

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This book-length poetic essay might be the most powerful piece of writing of the last 10 years. It's almost downplaying it to call it "relevant" or "timely," because part of Rankine's point is that much of what she talks about with regards to race and racism — and the violence against black people in this country — has been going on for centuries and has not changed significantly in that time.

And the toll that it takes on black people is immeasurable.“Nobody notices, only you've known,you're not sick, not crazy,not angry, not sad--It's just this, you're injured.” In this pioneering 1997 anthology, Sonia Shah shows the role that Asian-American women have played in the women's rights movement, restoring their place in a feminist narrative that has been dominated by white women (and continues to be).

LULAC — the League of United Latin-American Citizens — was an organization founded in 1929 by Mexican-American men that was has long been considered to be an assimilationist, bourgeois group by Latinx activists.

But Orozco argues that the group was in fact much more revolutionary at the time than it seems today, and she argues that it was a significant player in the civil rights movement.

Rather than assume that a 'good' future naturally and obviously depends on the eradication of disability, we must recognize this perspective as colored by histories of ableism and disability oppression." All of Lorde's books are essential reading, but Sister Outsider — first published in 1984 — presents 15 beautifully written speeches and essays by the black lesbian feminist poet that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about feminism, race, sex, ageism, homophobia, and power.

It will leave you inspired — and ready to take on the hegemony.

Myles shows that good art is always political — and how making good art has only become harder in America.