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"If we didn't have that group, we would look even more dismal."With Saturday worship services and vegetarian lifestyles, Seventh-day Adventism owns a distinctive niche outside the Christian mainstream.

Question Time is a highly aggressive genre, and Face Threatening Acts (FTAs) are intrinsic to its essence, but MPs are constrained by the need to produce ‘parliamentary language’.

Politeness strategies become the linguistic device that helps the system work.

I will need a car for myself and that is why I contacted you.

This article attempts to show how British Members of Parliament (MPs) employ politeness strategies (Brown and Levinson, 1978, 1987) as a device to make their discourse abide by the rules of Erskine May's .

I will buy the car at your given price but I have a business proposal for you.

I am a captain with the United Nations troop in Iraq, on war against terrorism.

Het leven draait om de mensen die dicht bij je staan.