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Television and radio transmitters broadcast at a frequency that is so high it is unintelligible to the human ear.

) I gave the money to a friend and he made the purchase for me as he already had a TV licence. Get a portable radio and tune it up and down the medium wave until you get a buzzing noise - sounds a bit like an electric shaver.

Oh- and they don't just have vans these days, but neat hand-held detectors too!

I go with the people that say the whole thing is address-based.

When I was at university in the early 90's a lecturer who had worked at the BBC told us that detector vans couldn't detect whether a household had a TV or not.

Instead, people were caught for the following three reasons: 1.

The oscillator produces a frequency which is just below the one from the transmitter.

In saying that, if two frequences are mixed, the resulting frquency is the mathematical difference of the two.

When renting a TV your details are passed on to the licensing authorities. When buying a new TV, your details are passed on to the licensing authorities. When moving into a new house or flat where the previous occupant has cancelled any licence, a standard letter is sent automatically asking the new occupier to obtain a licence.