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What are real pee chat sites

If someone recorded all the things we do in a day, we'd feel more tired that we already do!

I wrote a script to download all the headlines from the Onion.

You can browse them here: there any interest in trying to reverse...

A clearer image of the leaderboard with links to the first week's published subs is on the... Computer was running like a dog this morning, rebooted (can't beat IT department's stock suggestion) only to find start button doesn't work, so no access to metro tiles, and taskbar not hiwing what,...

Reverse engineering The Onion through crowd sourcing?

This afternoon, I have Stretch and Flex Class Have a healthy day Good morning! I was glad I hung in, because, at the very end, my always-favorite, the Border Collie, took first in class - a little sweetheart named Slick.

Bright - really, really bright - sunshine this morning, but still cool. Leona, love the funny - a good laugh to start the day. Sharon, all those little things eat up a lot of time (and energy).

Had this rejected by French satire site 'le Gorafi' Thought it might be fun for any French learners, and I just wanted to show off.

v=JDz7r7lub-Y]this[/url][/u] for those who remember when we laboured to please each other, and for those of later generations who wonder why they get...

The European Union A question for all you enth EUsiasts: do you support the EU because it is one more small step on the path towards greater international peace, understanding, universal free trade, prosperity and...

Six Nations Am suffering from plague at the moment and am housebound, so therefore missed seeing Wales piss all over Scotland and the excitement of Ireland [i]just[/i] beating France.

I told him he tied them backwards and he said that was how he learned. I have to eat something to take my pills and seems like when I start eating I can't stop all day.