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Accommodating the disabled

Since the International Year of Disabled Persons in 1981, people with disability have organised themselves into their own organisations all over the world.

Life rarely works in that manner, and it is entirely right that the tantum ergo should follow with additional discourses upon the beatific vision of the hymnal’s content. Postal worker accepts it as gospel truth, when in fact one should always recognize a countervailing principle of life: a lie is a lie, is an untruth, is a lie, is a mis-statement of the law, is still a lie.

Indeed, that is how we often and mistakenly live our lives – to accept with resignation that the declarative utterance, “Therefore, so great,” results in a quietude and silence of subsequent ceremony. This author will not go so far as to say that Human Resource offices throughout the Federal Agencies systematically engage in disseminating falsehoods; perhaps, many merely relate the misinterpretations gained through osmosis of gossip; but, in any event, whether from a Federal agency or the U. Postal Service, the groundless surrender based upon a seemingly unassailable declaration that, “Therefore, so great” – whether referring to itself; whether in misstating the legal consequences of failed accommodations and the impact upon filing a Federal Disability Retirement application; of failing to inform the Federal or Postal employee of the rights of filing with the U. Office of Personnel Management – the Federal and Postal employee should always be cautious of taking as face value a declaration by the Federal agency or the U. Postal Service that single utterance of self worth: “Therefore, so great.” Especially when it is referring to itself; always, when ascribing motives unstated; and forever, when trying to undermine the Federal or Postal employee.

We wait upon it, and when it comes, we submit and concede. Postal workers who are on the verge of preparing a Federal Disability Retirement application with the U. Office of Personnel Management, whether the Federal or Postal employee is under FERS, CSRS or CSRS Offset, approach the impending suspicion of doom or failure; the Tantum ergo is declared by the Federal agency or the U. And as to the multiple verses which follow upon the Tantum ergo?

one is voluntary and the other is initiated by agency and no one gives you pe, why postal inspectors and supervisors often threaten owcp workers, workers comp and removal for inability to perform, working while on federal disability retirement | Leave a comment » In every worthwhile venture, there is the inherent danger of failure, and more often, of encounters with obstacles while enduring the process.

Some are apparent; others, hidden like the reef beneath the lagoon’s surface, of the jagged formations from sediments deposited and coagulated through time and shifting tectonics of unseen tidal forces.

People with disability strongly protested against this policy at the 1980 conference of Rehabilitation International, held in Winnipeg, Canada where a decision was made to establish a new International organisation of and for people with disability.

Picturesque towns, towering cathedrals, museums packed with priceless works, and complexes holding palace after palace — welcome you to the Baltic region.

The role of these organisations includes providing a voice of their own, identifying needs, expressing views on priorities, evaluating services and advocating change and public awareness.