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It is here that visitors from all around the world come to dine and shop and get acquainted with our nation’s oldest city.

The Old City Gates are a striking site toward the north end of St. They are a symbol of the turbulent times faced by the original American colonists and a truly memorable landmark. George Street, a historic pedestrian mall where galleries, restaurants, shops and popular St.

Augustine attractions greet travelers from all walks of life.

Made completely by hand, the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse is an architectural and historical icon in St. Red cedar and cypress along with wooden pegs date this antiquated building and enhance its charm and importance in our nation’s past.

See copies of original books that the boys and girls used and other artifacts.

Take a walk through the kitchen and see the garden.

Shop if you wish or just take your time to gaze at all the unique items for sale in this 11-block stretch of shops, restaurants and historic sites. Augustine, charming shops, museums, historic buildings and beautiful views are on every corner.

No need to worry about traffic because there is none since this area is a designated walking mall. Many other intriguing points of interest are just a few blocks down the road.

Stroll along to see the various buildings of this restored, colonial village.