Start Xxx dating websites that are actually free and you can message people

Xxx dating websites that are actually free and you can message people

It all just feels like one big game now and I feel like I am ready to give up!

I picked up the 02 Stripped Nude which is the lightest of the collection.

This eyeshadow is a good standard nude eyeshadow for your makeup bag and is quite a pigmented formula.

However, I have found that I have lost interest in Facebook (sorry Mark) and I do not use it to the extend of Instagram- where in just over one year I have uploaded over 600 photos, often images of coffee, selfies, makeup and snap of anything interesting I’ve come across during my day.

Recently, I have come across a social media site which I have fallen in love with and it is ladies and gentlemen the amazing (drumroll)…

Don’t get me wrong, it has not always been this way, I’ve had two serious relationships, one which lasted for almost two years and it really was good when we got on well.

It was like being with your best friend constantly who also loves you! I try my very hardest to go on a new date every month and although they often transpire to date no. The few times it has I have been left confused – asking myself what have I done wrong? I do think it is hard to find love and it’s not like I do not get attention.

I just get unwanted attention (generally guys wanting me to go home with them).

Coming from a somewhat small town, it is also very difficult to meet people, hence the use of tinder and pof…

x I know…I’ve abandoned my blog for a while now simply because “there’s been a lot going on” – although that’s not an excuse.

I’ve spend the last 5 months living in Brighton, which has been an experience but all in all I’ll be glad to be heading back home and sorting myself out.

It has a lighter feel than the L’Oreal eyeshadow and is also a slightly darker colour.