Start Uneducated and college degree dating

Uneducated and college degree dating

Do you think dating or marrying someone with less education would be a barrier to the relationship?

There's a lot more to developing your mind and intellect than learning how to make money for an employer.

I think the better question has to do with your intellectual compatibility.

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The way you describe this young man — "intelligent, voracious reader and committed to the Lord" — says a lot more to me than "graduated from college." I know there are plenty of guys who made it through a degree program with lots of hours spent partying and few spent in the library growing their intellect.

Two other things to consider: Why did he forego college, and how does he feel about your education?

I have a bachelor's degree, and the guy I am interested in has a high school diploma and is successfully self-employed.

I have a friend who says she would never date someone who was "uneducated" (without a degree), but this guy is intelligent, a voracious reader and committed to the Lord.

College degrees notwithstanding, it's essential that you marry a man you respect.

Common sense says marry a man who is at least equal to you intellectually.

Does he affirm you in your learning and take pride in what you've achieved?