Start Competing against other guys for woman dating

Competing against other guys for woman dating

In ancient Rome men used prostitutes as a form of birth control… In the US it’s illegal for men to own, trade, abuse and discard women. This unsavory aspect is not hidden in the dark corners of society. “Just do a quick mental review of what you know about how other religions allow, and in some cases encourage, men to treat women.

“And not as in the flashing neon sign outside a strip club. They know.” (101) Looking back at previous chapters, this one asks guys to step out of their child-like ways and step into the ways a gentleman views and treats a woman. They didn’t have a say in the matter because they were commodities. It’s the promise that ” (104) Where does this leave us?

Real gentlemen don’t spend their discretionary time and money in strip clubs. Furthermore, “Prostitution was legal, encouraged, and in many places, part of religious tradition. To the tune of about ten billion dollars a year.” (103) Then Andy dives into the sex trade as well as the thousands of women and children fundamentally enslaved for sexual use in our country today. Men continue to act like they did millennia ago and women are often complicit in the view of themselves as a commodity. Christianity came in with a whole new game that, when correctly applied, radically transformed the role and status of women in the world: Jesus revealed that God loved the ladies just as much as he loved the guys and this was revolutionary.

“So guys, do you want to Or are you content to get by with whatever you can with whomever will allow you to treat her that way?

” (115) Chapter 7 (The Way Forward) starts by reminding you that this isn’t just for your mother, sister and the women you date.

Being a gentleman means that every woman is given the same dignity that you would show someone who made in God’s image.

He challenges guys to examine their entertainment: music, movies, television shows, venues.

“For example, if it had been possible for the gospel writers to have navigated around the fact that women first discovered and announced the resurrection, I’m sure they would have.

But there was no way past the truth that it was Jesus’ female followers who were up before dawn to visit the tomb.” (109) Even then, and even in the bible, it captures the attitude towards women in that time when it says in Luke , “But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed like nonsense.” Jesus emphasized again and again our equality with one another before God.

While this might have been challenging for the Jews, this was upside down for the Greek and Roman cultures whose gods didn’t care for humans or their relationships with each other.

It’s like when John wrote about Jesus talking to the woman at the well and his disciples were surprised.

Furthermore, Jesus was intentional about his inclusion of women.