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Students in the undergraduate portion of any bridge program (e.g..

Students in the graduate portion of a bridge program are governed by the standards set forth for graduate students in this policy.

A student may request a transfer to another degree program while on academic probation.

Peter's Hospital, Albany, NY Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Tallahassee, FL* Upstate University Hospital, Syracuse, NY *These hospitals require additional fees for credentialing, background checks, and/or drug screening. Students are not permitted to enter nursing units until the PCS portion of the CPNE.

You’ll receive directions to your testing location with your CPNE test date confirmation.

Special information for nursing program applicants. The wait time to test at each CPNE site varies with the application volume for each site.

Certain testing sites will require you to provide additional credentials, documentation, and/or agree to drug screening before your exam date.

A student who does not meet the SAP standards will be placed on academic probation.