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For two weeks, 20 male participants are hired to play prisoners and guards in a prison.

This discussion is repeated 3 times until the characters successfully complete the task that lays before them.

They either have to produce a replacement bag of money, or find the missing sack.

Also the use of red tinting shows a difference from real life and inside the characters thoughts.

The audience is placed into the middle of the plot, there is no real introduction to the main characters, Lola and Manni, ( Moritz Bleibtreu) until after the main crisis of a loss of a bag filled of money that is suppose to be in the hands of a crook/ gangster with in the next 20 min from the time of the main character's conversation.

I love evrything about him i just need the passion he lacks andi dont want to look elsewhere for it, he loves everything about me hejust wants space, which is hard for me to give considering his verypassive nature about everything in life.

You both are attractedto each other very soon as friends. Headores his cancer damsel for her funny, bright and alert attitude.

The episodes are broken apart by either Manni or Lola dying, and in these deaths the audience is brought into the head of the characters to where they talk of love, life, death and loss.

The audience is shown a place where the characters have a choice, which in turn is how they can relive the same morning events.

One that can be watched over and over again due to the lack of information or images that is constantly being discovered.

The complex and layered tale that unfolds in Run Lola Run is amazingly and almost unbelievably made better through the editing, film footage style, and soundtrack.

He lost 100,000 DM in a subway train that belongs to a very bad guy. The audience was taken away on this fast pace exhilarating ride which in turn warrants those watching to think about the circular narrative and its elements.