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A related neologism is defence mechanism which is a psychic procedure for avoiding painful admission or, recognition.

Repression is crucial to the operations of the unconscious (an idea later developed by Herbert Marcuse).

Later it was remoulded by post-Freudian psychoanalytical Reader Response criticism where the psychological experience of the reader in relation to the text is foregrounded, but contested by CG Jung‘s “contra-Freud” archetypal criticism which states that the literary’ work is not a focus for the writer’s or the reader’s personal psychology , but a representation of the relationship between the personal and the collective unconscious, the images, myths, symbols and archetypes of past cultures.

More recently, this theoretical delineation has been reworked in Poststructuralist context by Jacques Lacan, who coupled the dynamic notion of desire with Structuralist Linguistics; this has been influentially innovative as echoed in the Feminist psychoanalytic criticism.

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There has been a consistent interest in contemporary literary studies in the unconscious (eg.

Frankfurt School‘s synthesis of Freud and Marx) and the notion and repression linked often with debates on sexuality (eg.

It has moved through three main emphases in its pursuit of the “literary unconscious” — on the author (and its corollary character), on the reader and on the text.