Start The internet for dating

The internet for dating

He has been on Tinder for 6 months and I am the 1st woman he’s met (lucky him). While he looked just like his photo and wasn’t a bad looking man, he was exactly 4 inches shorter than me and about 50 lbs lighter in stature. Do you all know what my measure is to see if there could ever be anything long lasting?

I’d be lucky if my right arm would fit into one of his pant legs. One just keeps firing questions at me while the other is apparently pouring his heart out to me. Yeah, my desire to be his test dummy for dating is sitting right about a negative 4,000,000. I’m not sure if he’s being truthful or making every single word up.

If by ‘job’ I mean a low paying, time consuming, frustrating and disappointing way to spend my time. Only, let’s be honest, I was more jovial, conversational and a hell of a lot less awkward than most of them were. Well, actually 2, but you all don’t know about the other one. It just didn’t register as quickly because I didn’t make a complete fool out of myself with him. A man that I have wanted to ask me out for over a week. I’m allowing myself that….can’t end well 😉 He truly was. He is a very kind man who has had women take advantage of him in the past. I’ve had several long term relationships in my life.

With a man that I have been messaging with for 2 weeks, which I normally won’t do.

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I was fun and flirty and skinny and pretty and snarky and had a bazillion friends and ‘friends’.

I decided to tell everyone that made fun of me in the past to, quite literally, fuck off.

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