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The person breaking the egg was considered guilty, based on the notion that his or her tremor-eliciting nervousness was to blame.

Variations of this test were also used by Chinese and Arabs.

A more rigid approach of detecting the truth was used in ancient Sparta.

In Ancient Rome bodyguard screening was conducted using a similar method. It was believed that if a person blushed in response to provocative questions, he would not participate in plots.

Bodyguard candidates were asked provocative questions. African tribes have utilized their own method of detecting a guilty person.

While performing a special dance around a suspected individual, a sorcerer intensely sniffed him.

The "investigator" made a conclusion whether the suspect committed the crime based upon the intensity of his body odor (smell).

Before being admitted to certain schools Spartan young men were required to pass the selection criteria.

The young men were ordered to stand on the edge of a cliff, and were asked if they were afraid.

Those with clean hands had not touched the donkey's tail.

It was assumed that this was due to many suspects’ fear of their guilt being discovered, proving they were liars.

This means of deception detection was more advanced than a subjective evaluation of a suspect by a tribe chief.