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A demographic census analysis study released last year by the Mc Gill Consortium for Ethnicity and Strategic Social Planning says, “Blacks are less likely to have completed high school or graduated from university than non-blacks.

“They still stop black people arbitrarily because they’re driving a certain type of car.

These are the kinds of stories we shouldn’t be hearing.” It’s the feeling of being constantly targeted that has the black community, Gaye says, still at odds with the police. “The police can’t garner any kind of support if they continue with practices like profiling and heavy-handed behaviour.

According to the 1996 census, there are over 120,000 blacks living here, more than one-fifth of the national total.

However, they are still lagging behind in education, income and employment.

It’s a solution that we hope can avoid frustrations or problems, and I think we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the result.” He points out that it is the responsibility of every commander to get to know the community leaders of the area they are policing, and to work with them to improve relations.

One method was to hold regular basketball games between police and local youth, a practice that has been going on for years, says Peter Flegel, a black youth activist.

Upon arriving in the station parking lot, he bolted, and only stopped when Constable Allan Gosset yelled, while aiming his .38 police revolver, “Stop or I’ll shoot! Griffin stopped and was turning around when he was shot in the head. Racism was dismissed as a factor in Griffin’s death.

The shooting created an uproar among the city’s black community, which had long complained of the open hostility between themselves and the police, especially among young black males.

Any change that must be accomplished to reverse this, he warns, will have to be gradual and psychological.

“The message has to get right down to the guys on the street, with proper training, cultural sensitivity and realizing that every black guy they see is not a potential criminal or a threat.” This entry was posted on 2009/07/16 at and is filed under Anthony Griffin, ARTICLES.

Montreal police insist they are not targeting specific groups.