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If you don’t and wish you did, find a few open-hearted individuals whose work you respect see if they are amenable to starting a children’s book group with you.

I am forever grateful for the excellent input and feedback I have received over the years – and that is not to discount in any way the friendships we have developed.

If you have a professional critique group like ours, you know how valuable it is.

It is great to reconnect with friends and family on the same continent, but I DO miss London. And the Victoria and Albert is a richly laden museum.

I don’t know if Edmunds was someone Crane knew personally and worked with repeatedly, but one would think so.

I will show photos of Crane’s originals along with the prints so you can compare for yourself.

Look,don't let my name deceive you, I'm a tomboy 100%! Well I am the dare devil that will play dukes of hazards in a broken wagon!

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